Clinical Research & Ethics Committee Department.

Savera Cancer and Multispeciality Hospital is the first Cancer set up in Bihar where Oncology Clinical Trials started in accordance with Good Clinical Practices, ICMR guidelines and The New Drugs Clinical Trial Rules 2019 under the supervision of expert Surgical Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists & Research Scientists. This department is functional under the team of expert Oncologists (Dr. V.P. Singh, Dr. Akash Kumar Singh, Dr. Avinash Pandey, Dr. Sumantra Sircar, Dr. Vishal Mohan Singh etc. and research professionals. The department was established by Dr. Arun Kumar Jha, our research scientist.

He is graduated in Medicine, Post Graduation in Clinical Research from Cranfield University, (United Kingdom) and Diploma in the Research & Management from ICRI, Mumbai. With over nine years of experience in various types of Oncology Clinical Trials in the past and associated with premier cancer institutions of India i.e. Tata Memorial Hospital (Mumbai), Delhi State Cancer Institute (Delhi), RMRIMS (ICMR, Patna). He wrote Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for different hospitals in India. He has over a decade of experience in managing clinical trials and ethics committee. We have constituted our own Ethics Committee department. EC Registration No. ECR/1658/Inst/BR/2022 which can be accessed through CDSCO portal and this is valid for five years from the date of registration.

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SCMH Publications

The Savera Cancer Hospital has been serving cancer since two years and became the biggest private sector cancer care facility in Bihar. Our biggest achievement is making cancer treatment inexpensive, available to all.

List of National & International publications:

National Publications:

1. Akash Kumar Singh, Vijay Pratap Singh, Pranab Kumar Verma, Vishal Mohan Singh, Arun Kumar Jha. Fibroadenoma or Phyllodes Tumor: A Diagnostic Dilemma. Annals of Breast Diseases | Volume XX | Issue XX | Month 2022. Paper accepted for publication in The Annals of Breast Diseases.

2. Dr. Vijay Pratap Singh*, Dr. Akash Kumar Singh , Dr. Pranab Kumar Verma, Dr. Arun Kumar Jha, Dr. Sumantra Sircar, Dr. Vishal Mohan Singh, Dr. Rahul Kumar Chaudhary, Dr. Amit Kumar, Ashutosh Kumar. Clinicopathological Profile of Gallbladder Cancer at a Tertiary Cancer Centre in Northern India; A Continuing Challenge. Journal of MAR Oncology (Volume 3 Issue 3)1-9.

3. Dr. V.P. Singh, Dr. Akash Singh, Dr. Pranab Kumar Verma, Dr. Vishal Mohan Singh, Dr. Arun Kumar Jha. A comparative study of complications of MRM (Modified Radical Mastectomy) Versus BCS (Breast Conservation Surgery) in early invasive breast cancer. A result from Savera Cancer & Multispeciality Hospital, Patna, Bihar. Volume - 11 | Issue - 04 | April - 2021 | DOI: 10.36106/ijar/7107590

International Publications:

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